Honing Risks:

Breakage, cracks and other defects can occur during the honing process. Grey and Black stones will show light scratch marks. Materials like Super White contain veins of quartzite. These veins will not hone and will remain polished. 

Material Review:

Bordignon Stone LTD. reserves the right to refuse honing certain materials at their discretion. A slab photo of the actual material is required for review prior to honing. The client will be notified if the material is rejected prior to pickup. A full refund will be issued in this case. If the material is rejected after pickup, the client will be responsible for the pick-up and delivery fee. I fully understand and acknowledge the risks listed above and will not hold Bordignon Stone liable for any of these scenarios.

Pick-up and Delivery Service:

Please ensure the number of slabs selected for pick-up and delivery matches the number of slabs added to your order below.