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Sample Information

Samples are an essential element of the design process. We understand the need to have samples readily accessible to assist you in selecting the other components of your project.

All Natural Stone and Lido Quartz Surfaces samples can now be ordered directly from our website and delivered to you.  




How many samples can I order?

  • Select up to 5 samples for your project.
  • Homeowners are limited to 1 order of 5 samples to help assist with colour selection. Please do not place another order as our system will automatically cancel it.
  • If you have already placed a sample order in the past and would like new colours, Please visit our showroom and we will happily exchange your current samples for new colours. 
  • Designers, please contact us on how to order more samples for your design library and projects. 

 Do you have samples of every stone that is in stock?

  • No, due to extremely high demand, samples are routinely out of stock and unavailable at certain times. We always do our best to re-stock samples as soon as possible.

Are the samples cut from the exact slabs in stock?

  • Yes and no. As new materials arrive in stock, samples are cut from the new block / die lot to showcase the unique aesthetic of the current inventory. In some cases as sample inventories reduce, samples from previous blocks / die lots may be given out.
  • Lido Quartz samples are produced separately from slabs. Samples can vary in shade and pattern from batch to batch.

What do I do if my sample is from a block that is currently not in stock?

  • It is best to view the slabs in person to get a true representation of the colours and tones.
  • Samples from different blocks or die lots will still be helpful by showcasing similar tones and patterns, although not exact. 
  • View the high-resolution photos on our website to get an idea of the current slabs in stock.

Should I select my stone first or the other components?

  • The beauty of natural stone is that no two slabs are ever the same. The vein patterns and characteristics change from slab to slab creating beautifully unique images that are never replicated. It is recommended to select your stone before choosing paint, flooring, cabinetry, finishes, and other elements.
  • When selecting your stone, it is helpful to bring any samples you are considering for the other finishes / elements to help you find the perfect stone to complement your design.  

Do I need to return my samples?

  • Yes, when you visit our gallery to make your final slab selection, please return your samples.