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Stain Resistant
Etch Resistant
⚪️   ⚪️   ⚪️    
Scratch Resistant
⚪️   ⚪️   ⚪️      
Heat Resistant
⚪️   ⚪️   ⚪️  
Ease of Fabrication
⚪️   ⚪️   
Requires Sealing Yes
Color Consistency
Color shade and pattern will vary
 ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️ Excellent          ⚪️ ⚪️ Moderate          ⚪️ Poor


Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is delicate and requires proper care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. By following these care and maintenance tips, you can help ensure that your granite surfaces remain beautiful for years to come.

  • Clean Up Spills Immediately: Granite is a porous material, which means that it can be stained easily. To prevent stains, it is important to wipe up any spills immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Use a pH-Neutral Cleaner: Harsh cleaners, such as bleach or vinegar, can damage granite. Instead, use a pH-neutral cleaner that is specifically designed for granite.
  • Avoid Acidic or Abrasive Cleaners: Acidic cleaners, such as lemon juice or vinegar, can etch the surface of granite, while abrasive cleaners can scratch it. To prevent damage, only use cleaners that are safe for granite.
  • Use Coasters and Placemats: To prevent scratches and etching, use coasters and placemats under glasses, plates, and other items.
  • Avoid Placing Hot Items Directly on the Granite: granite can be sensitive to heat, so it is important to use trivets or other protective surfaces when placing hot items on it.


There are 2 options to protect your granite and preserve its beautiful aesthetic by minimizing staining or even completely eliminating the issue altogether.

Natural Stone Sealer

  • The most common protection option for granite and other natural stones - sealers increase the stain resistance of your granite
  • Each Natural Stone sealer is different and has varying porosity and maintenance. Please refer to your stone fabricator for information on the specific sealer that was used for your project 
  • It is important to remember that natural stone sealer does not make granite stain proof

TuffSkin Surface Protection

  • A step up in protection for your granite - TuffSkin is a physical laminate film that prevents liquids from coming in contact with your granite
  • Prevents Staining
  • Available in polished and honed finishes
  • 1-5 year expected lifetime
  • This protection option will make your granite stain proof.
  • For more information, please contact us.

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