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Arriving: Early 2022

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Lido Quartz Surfaces new Nano Ink Technology has been developed to produce the most realistic marble slab patterns. The specialized production process includes the use of Dura 3 Hybrid technology, creating a stain resistant surface where colours remain unchanged over time.

The incredible natural colours, veining, and depth create the most authentic, marble-inspired engineered stone. This new generation of quartz features no visible grain and high definition veining. 

Below is a photo of our Dura 3 Hybrid Nano Ink robot. 

 * The image is on the surface and does not go through-body



Natural Stone

There are no guarantees or warranties on Natural Stone. 

The following are naturally occurring characteristics that are not to be considered defects: 

  1. Veining and cracks (known as “dry veins”).

  2. Variation in colour, flow, grain size, shade, surface texture, and inclusions of different natural minerals.  

  3. Fill spots. These voids are filled with resin and do not take the same polish as the actual stone and will have a different texture. 

  4. It is not advisable to use materials containing fill in a food prep application. The filler material may end up in food. The client will assume all health/safety risks that may occur as a result of this application. 

  5. Thickness Variation. All natural stone may vary +/- 3mm in thickness.

      All Natural Stones will stain, scratch, and etch.  

      Sealers do not provide full protection against staining and etching. 

      1. The client assumes these maintenance concerns at their own risk. 

      2. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges are accepted. 

      Engineered Stone Warranty: 

      • For information regarding all Lido Quartz products please refer to the Lido Quartz website and warranty guide below.

      Lido Quartz Surfaces Warranty


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