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Our Stone

The Story of a Bordignon Stone Slab

The beauty of natural stone is that no two slabs are ever the same. The vein patterns and characteristics change from slab to slab creating beautifully unique images that are never replicated.

We hand select slabs at quarries around the world which are then shipped to Italy to be processed by Italian stone technicians utilizing a nano-polishing system. This process fills the micro-voids and surface defects in natural stone giving Bordignon Stone its superior depth of colour and clarity. Our smoother finish and richer polish bring a new level of elegance and quality to natural stone, creating a new form of modern art.


Lido Quartz Slabs

Lido Quartz has been created to give you the freedom to upgrade any space with a luxurious stone at an affordable cost. Available in a wide range of designer colours and styles, Lido Quartz has the beauty of natural stone but with superior strength and durability, making it the ideal surface to compliment your home decor.

Made with one of the hardest materials on Earth, Lido Quartz uses state-of-the-art technology to combine the world's finest crushed Quartz with an advanced polymer resin to produce the highest performing solid surface.

Having become world renowned for its realistic designs from years spent studying real marble, Lido Quartz designs are amongst the most replicated colours in the industry. Brands try to make their own but never compare to the ones designed by Lido Quartz. 

Lido Quarts produces some of the largest slabs in the quartz industry. This gives you the advantage to design larger islands, eliminate joints, and group more countertops together. 

Being virtually non-porous and non-absorbent, Lido Quartz does not have natural pitting and surface irregularities. It does not require any sealants or waxes, making it one of the safest countertop materials for food preparation areas. 

When choosing Lido Quartz for your home, you can have peace of mind knowing it is built to last, with its 15 year warranty.